As a new grassroots movement and CRA-recognized charity, we are always eager to welcome new organizations and individuals into our community. This includes:

  1. Managing Team: Health Out Loud’s managing team is the group of workers behind all the action. They are in charge of our programs, maintaining our financial records, launching fundraisers and expanding our reach through marketing. Made up of four sub-committees, the team includes a healthy balance of both students and working professionals.
  2. Board of Directors: Health Out Loud’s board of directors oversees all of our operations in order to ensure that there is financial transparency, expand our networks and guide the direction of our organization. The team includes the managing team, as well as professional advisors.
  3. Affiliate organizations: Health Out Loud partners with other organizations for three purposes:
    1. to act as guests in Health Out Loud programs;
    2. to broker funding-related relationships, including for collaborative fundraisers or grants and;
    3. to share our marketing outlets in a way that benefits both our organization and partnering organizations.
  4. Partner organizations for programs: Health Out Loud implements its programs through partner organizations including community organizations, high schools and post-secondary schools.  If health is a priority in your community, host our programs!
  5. Become a donor:  Monetary or gifts-in-kind play a huge role in enabling Health Out Loud to organize its programs.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated, whether it is large or small.  As a registered charity, Health Out Loud is permitted to issue tax receipts.

We currently have five ways you may get involved: