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We made $200 for HOL’s programs through our inaugural popsicle all-fruit fundraiser!
Stephanie Wang | August 18, 2015
Our fundraising team and other managing team members sold yummy watermelon-kiwi and strawberry-banana smoothie popsicles at local community parks, including at the Trinity Bellwoods Park. The locals enjoyed our health popsicles as we shared our grassroots movement with them. The fundraiser was an extraordinary success, selling out in just two thirty minute rounds! Thank you so much to everyone who supported our programs!

A personal story about the fundraiser from our team:

Ah, summer. Is there anything better than enjoying a nice day out in the sun with a cool treat? Health Out Loud doesn’t think so and this Saturday, we held a summer popsicle fundraiser to prove it. The team (guest starring Rojin’s puppy PJ as our adorable mascot) ventured into sunny Trinity-Bellwood Park, cooler full of treats in tow. We had 48 popsicles in two delicious flavours, watermelon kiwi and strawberry yogurt, all homemade and all fruit. After about an hour in the park, all of them were sold and we have a great time chatting about our organization with the park-goers. Thank you to all of the generous people at Trinity-Bellwood Park today! We hope you enjoyed the popsicles as much as we enjoyed making them!

– Jessica Li