September 2015 Member of the Month:
Kevin Teng
Written by: Stephanie Wang | September 7, 2015

A new executive assistant, Kevin has been Health Out Loud’s timekeeper, motivator and organizer. He has demonstrated an unparalleled willingness to go above and beyond the expectations of his role, consistently volunteering for organization-wide initiatives and to help other executives when it is required. What is most impressive about Kevin is how much he cares about each person with whom he works; he skilfully forges personal rapports with every co-worker, which makes him a successful motivator that drives productivity. Kevin’s community-minded personality and capacity to remain positive, even during arduous tasks, is truly admirable. He consistently balances the needs and perspectives of different executives, committees and community partners, making him a role model for Health Out Loud’s commitment to open-minded perspective taking. Kevin truthfully brings unbounded enthusiasm, drive and a sense of humor to all his pursuits.

A genuine leader, Kevin exemplifies the spirit of the non-profit sector and qualities of a volunteer. It is with great enthusiasm that the Managing Team would like to select Kevin as our Member of the Month!