HOL’s Rummage Sale

By Jessica Li

Feb 11, 2016

Happy New Year, dear enthusiasts of public health education!

Health Out Loud is proud to announce the successful conclusion of our first fundraiser of the year – a rummage sale on January 14 held at Sidney Smith Hall, UTSG.

This fundraiser has been months in the making. Our team scoured their closets, attics, and miscellaneous storage compartments of choice, unearthing clothing and other items that have seen little if any use. Think of this as our spring-cleaning for health – decluttering your space can be beneficial to your mental health (in moderation – talk to someone if you’re excessively getting rid of possessions), the proceeds can fund more Health Out Loud activities, stressed students get some primal hunter satisfaction from shopping, and some nice things find themselves a new owner who’ll give them the love and usage they deserve. All in all, a win for everyone involved.

At noon, the team hauled four full suitcases to the University of Toronto. There, the team set up shop front and centre at Sidney Smith Hall, displaying an array of clothing, bags, and accessories generously donated by Health Out Loud’s staff.

The rummage sale ran from noon to about 5:30, attracting people of all ages to come and look at our goodies. Our cookies (free with a purchase!) may or may not have helped. Even better, we got to chat with a number of people who are interested in the Health Out Loud’s work.

Heartwarmingly, a number of kind passersby offered to donate their own items to our cause! Since our sale was a one-day only event, we unfortunately had to decline their goodwill. If any of you good readers are considering the same thing, keep an eye on this space this coming December.

“I think it was a pretty successful fundraiser,” commented Anum near closing time. “And we have an awesome team!”

Even though our burden was lighter at the end of the day, we still had several luggages’ worth of items that will now go to Oasis Global, who will make good use of our donations. The $165 dollars raised from this sale will fund our excellent programs such as the two HIPPY workshops this March.

Let’s give a big round of applause to Anum and Luke, our tireless organizers who rallied the team and made our sale a great success, and to all of the staff who helped out with the event!