Slam Poetry Open Mic Night- Express Yourself
Luke Carone | June 21, 2016

Hello to all the Slam poetry loveing-Open mike liking -Toronto inhabiting humans!

Partnering up with AWS publishing, we bring to you our very first SELF EXPRESSION themed Slam poetry/ Open Mic night!

Self expression can often be overlooked as a key to helping us keeping calm and balanced in the daily hustles and bustles of the crazy journey we call life. Whilst some choose to keep journals to reflect and vent their thoughts and emotions, others look to the gym to pump those angtsy long days out of their system. Within the mid range of coded writing and adrenaline pumping comes the middle ground of standing in front of a mike and spewing a unique creative individualism that gives you a voice, lots of intrigued ears and a grounds to help a listener or two feel empowered by your words of expression.

As a fundraiser to help Health Out Loud (HOL) achieve its aims and objectives of empowering our community to identify strategies to help improve health literacy and awareness, we reach out to the public to make this event and what it stands for, a great success!

Date and Time: June 27, 2016 at 7:30pm

Sneaky Dee's

June 27, 2016
Event starts at 7:30pm